Lawn Mowing 

Our standard service includes mowing, edging and removal of lawn clippings leaving your yard looking freshly cut and all driveways and paths free of debris. With our yard maintenance service we take care of the routine fertilizing and lawn building to take the hassle out of lawn care and get your lawns looking great!


Whether it's a garden bed or the driveway, a healthy lawn is always set off by clean crisp edges. We can edge any job big or small. Make your paths and gardens stand out and inquire about or edging service today. No job too big or small.

Yard cleanup 

Busy lifestyles mean that household jobs can get away. We can reset your yard big or small by pruning trees and bushes, weeding garden beds, mowing, edging and clearing away any garden waste. 


We offer tree pruning for trees up to 5 meters and removal of trees up to 3 meters. we also do hedging and pruning of bushes and shrubs to shape and  promote healthy growth.  

Rubbish removal 

Our rubbish removal service takes your rubbish to where it belongs. Get the pile of household rubbish destined for the tip gone! We mulch garden waste to keep it from landfill and dispose of rubbish in a responsible manner separating recyclables from general rubbish to reduce the environmental impacts of reusable materials in landfill.  (Food waste not included) 

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